Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pizza e Birra

Saturday night is date night.

Went to this place in The Plaza, Plaza Indonesia called:

It's a new trendy joint where all the cool people hangs. Haha. Kidding. It's a cool place with out of the ordinary selections of food (imagine this: pizza with chili con carne topping! but amazingly delish!). Cozy place too and unique decor. Although when I went there the service were a little slow. I have to ask the waiter a couple of times for my order and the check. Unbelievable!

The waiting line goes on forever. But it's worth to try. I had the Angry Cheese grilled pizza (or something along that line.. it is folded pizza with chili con carne and cheddar cheese filling).

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  1. did you try their flavor beers???? they're very very nice!!