Wednesday, June 24, 2009

procrastinating day

Yeah. It's procrastinating day at work today. "EI" and "AG" went off to Mangga Dua to buy some stuff (which I'm assuming is for the wedding). I really don't feel like tagging along anyway, other than the fact my ankle hasn't healed to its fullest. My therapist said I shouldn't be walking too much or do anything too strenuous that might put more pressure on it. So. I know particularly that "AG" won't wait up for me if I walk too slow there, she has low tolerance on patience (haha *wink*).

Anyway. Just for your information, I kind of sprained my right ankle about one or so week ago, in case I haven't mentioned it before. Why? Well, I fell stupidly to put it mildly. On the staircase at this local mall called Townsquare. I don't even wanna go back telling you the reason why I fell those steps. Afterwards, I've been doing some physiotherapy:

And so dear readers, here's what my ankle looked like right after the fall:
(well, not exactly right after the fall, because after the fall, I'm still able to walk around therefore I, again, stupidly, continued my mall trip.. not the smartest move, I know)

I don't know. I thought I might share this joyful (not) experience with you. Cheers.

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