Friday, July 17, 2009

bloody start

I wrote "bloody long weekend" on my facebook page last night out of my frustration preparing for my big day next month. Didn't expect it to turn into a real bloody start to a long weekend. This morning (Jakarta time), at around 7.45am, explosions rock Jakarta hotels - JW Marriott and The Ritz Carlton - prior to the arrival of Manchester United team this weekend. I don't know if the blasts have any connections with the upcoming friendly soccer game between Manchester United team and the Indonesian All Stars team next week, but it can't be just a coincidence. The Indonesian All Stars team are staying in JW Marriott, while the MU team are planned to stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel. I think this is just some wacko person's job trying to mess up our country's image with major events happening thus far - Presidential elections, and now, the soccer game between MU and our Indonesian All Stars team. This sucks. Seriously, people. Indonesia is not as scary or messed up as being portrayed in the media. Delete all the fucked up people who's responsible for all the bombings etc. Indonesia really is a nice place to live in. I have a lot of foreigner friends, and they're all loving it here - except for the heavy traffic.

Here's what's happening so far:

All photos courtesy of Reuters Yahoo

According to the information live from Metro TV, 9 people are confirmed to be killed (2 are foreigners) and at least 50 people woulded due to the result of this blasts happened simultaneously in two hotels located in the same area, Mega Kuningan.

Search if you want to see more. It's live on CNN too as I'm writing this.

ps: I really do believe "outsiders" are trying to bring this country down, especially since we're slowly developing for the better in economy as well as internationally.


  1. sorry for that :< i'd really like to see yr country. i'm curious about countries actually.

    yea, some terrorist groups try to bring countries down and try to keep them from developing. shame on them!! it's nearly the same in our country too and i understand yr feeling about these fucking events... i wish they wouldn't happen...

  2. Thank you for your concern, really appreciate it.

    Some of the victims' are family friends, so it's been a sad moment.