Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Night Lights

And I'm not referring to that tv series with the same title. It's Friday night and I'm staying in at home. I don't feel like going anywhere. It's been too hectic today with what happened this morning - the blasts - and I've been running around town all day doing errands, from dress fittings, etc.

Here's a sneak preview on what my fab dress will somewhat going to look like (and this is not the finished product.. there's still a heap amount of work that needs to be done):

I've been working so hard to achieve my target before the end of this month. I've succeeded. Wait, no, yea, there's no abs to look at but I still achieved my target of a darn flat stomach. I think. So say all you want. I'm pretty pleased with the result so far. (forgive me with that unsightly bathtub and its knick-knacks on the background)

This is what I've been doing all night. Painting my nails bright coral pink with OPI nail polish in Mod-ern Girl color. So am I a modern girl now? Nyah-nyah.



  1. oooooohhh kara dear .. i envy your tummy .. too envy .. ^^"

  2. @bunette: hahahaha! usaha keras bo! meninggalkan gorengan2 yg sangat menggoda hasrat..