Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jeans Questions, Answered

Q. Denim leggings are seen sashaying before our eyes in stores these days. You love 'em but you're no stick figure? Can you really wear 'em?
The answer is: Yes. But remember: Treat your leggings like leggings, not jeans. And that means you want to pretty much cover your butt with your top; never ever, ever, ever tuck in your shirt or wear them with anything cropped. Instead, think of layering longer pieces over leggings, such as: tunics, long jackets, slouchy sweaters. (They can hit anywhere between fingertip length and just above the knee.) The model below does a great job of highlighting her shape by pairing her leggings with a long top and layering it with a jacket that gives coverage but still shows off her muscular legs. Nice!

Q. Celebs always seem to know about the newest jeans first. So what are they swearing by now?
It seems like every celeb and model was loving their J Brand jeans at the moment. Why? Well, the styles of these jeans flatter different body types, from petite to curvy to pregnant. Hollywood actress Sophia Bush said, "I feel as good in their skinny jeans as in their wide-legs." Below, you'll see the most popular style worn by some of celeb fashionista, Katie Holmes and Lauren Conrad, which are the skinnies. Vanessa Hudgens looked as stylish wearing the wide-legs style.

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