Monday, July 06, 2009

Minnie Mortimer

Here's another cool one. Found this online, I'm in love with the designs like immediately. "Minnie Mortimer". Don't you just love hearing that name?

Minnie Mortimer, the designer, born and raised in Manhattan, spent her childhood raiding her mother's closet and scouring her favorite vintage stores in Palm Beach and Southampton, inspired by Hitchcock blonde style and too many designers to mention, she loved throwing it all together in her own Minnie Mortimer way. When she couldn't find the exact shirt or dress, she would roll up her sleeves make it herself and wear it out to whatever thing she was off to next. It wasn't long before other fashionable girls about town were asking where they could get their own Minnie Mortimers, orders and just like that MINNIE MORTIMER, the fashion line, was born.

Check out some of her designs:

You can totally dress it up or down simply by switching fabulous accessories and shoes. My kind of style. Love it!

For more information and shopping go to


  1. These dresses are simple but so sexy. They really show off the form while keeping everything simple. And these are things that one can wear at anytime and any occassion

  2. really cute dresses. yeah simple and elegant...