Friday, July 03, 2009

noids vs. doodles

"Noids do not have sex with doodles. It's the oldest law in Cool World. I've never had to enforce it. You cross that line I'll slap you around and make you piss like a puppy. Jack, you think she got a thing for you, don't you? That's sweet. But don't flatter yourself. She's a waste of ink. Truth is she's been after me and every noid who's come through here. It's just that no one's been insane enough to get involved with her. You keep your pencil in your pocket. Know what I mean?" - Frank Harris

Watched this movie last night on HBO.

I've watched it a coupla times before, but its been years since the last time I saw it. Starring Brad Pitt as Frank Harris, Kim Basinger as femme fatale doodle Holly Would and Gabriel Byrne as Jack Deebs. Pretty cool mixture between animation and real people during its release time. But I'm telling you, this film, it's not for the minors. Do NOT let your little children watch this, unless, of course, they've hit puberty already haha.

For those old enough to watch this film: It's worth the watch, people.

"Pencil dick." - Holli Would

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