Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Scales

(September 23 - October 24)

I'm a born Libra, here's some Libra 101

VIRTUES Sociable, sweet and diplomatic. The one friends can count on to mediate a dispute or get the party started.

VICES Shopping. Loves clothing, fashion fads, flirting and a gorgeous smile.

LOVES Good manners, throwing parties, dressing to the nines, harmony, and being in a relationship.

LOATHES Injustice, bitchiness, conflict and no fashion sense.

MUST-HAVES Dark nail polish, a good party, romance and friends.

STYLE ICON Gwen Stefani - from ghetto glam to yummy mummy, she's the fashion icon of the noughties.

DREAM JOB Fashion designer, a restaurateur, or public relations consultant.

DREAM DESTINATION Soaking up the sun and night-life on a Spanish island.

PERFECT DATE A romantic, candle-light dinner for two.

Who else is a born Libra like me? Any of this ring a bell? Or two? Haha. Comments are very much welcome!

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