Thursday, July 09, 2009

vote, vote, vote

Yesterday it was voting day! I use my right to vote on who I want to rule my country as the President. So. Yeah. I vote!

This is what you get after you vote: (a purple pinky)

After voting day, went with my parents and fiancee for lunch at Mulia. Followed by a meeting with my weddng decorator. They're showing us the setting mock-up in the ballroom.

Later in the evening, I was planning to go see Ice Age 3, but out of luck, the tickets were sold out. Damn school holiday. So wandering around the mall in search for nothing in particular, before I got hungry again and before you know it, it's time for dinner:


I'm going for clothes fitting with my mother later in the day.


  1. is it fish? it looks yummy @_@

  2. it's salmon! very delish! thanks for stopping by and comment on my blog!


  3. it's good reading some new stuff and meeting people... different perspectives. nice to meet you Kara :)