Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bachelorette Night pt.1

Friday 31st July 2009 -- a bunch of my girl friends have been so sweet throwing me a "bachelorette night" (or you may call it "hen's night"). We stayed at one of the girl's apartment then went to 8 Lounge for light meals and some drinks. Went back to the apartment for the 'real' party. Here's a sneak preview on what happened:

They made me wear the silly crown, but it was all in good fun. However, the highlight of the night would have to be this:

right on the apartment opposite where we're staying
Yeah.. he was butt-naked, full-view (we get to see EVERYTHING). The dude didn't even realize that other people can actually see his full-on activities from across the building. My goodness. We were laughing oh-so-hysterically.

More photos of the event will be coming soon! Stay tuned for more!

It was a helluva night! Thanks ladies! Me loves you all very very dearly!

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