Friday, August 28, 2009

Chic Travel

I've been pretty fortunate enough to be able to travel around due to family holidays and even the perk of my job has taken me places. I'm pretty known to the people that I'm close with as a Master Packer.

I'm currently making plans to travel to the beautiful Greece for my honeymoon by the end of the summer. Why? Because entering Fall, the weather is just perfect over there (or so I'm being told). It's still warm and crisp, yet not as scorching as the hot summer weather. Perfect. So I can still bring along my summer wardrobe staples plus the necessities.

If you're also planning a trip somewhere, anywhere, here are some tips on how to pack. Super simple and you can maximize your space:
  1. Start with shoes on the bottom. Put in sacks so they don't get scratched and protect the shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else.
  2. The next layer is any jeans, folded in half.
  3. Then layer everything else, laying it flat with as few folds as possible: trousers, sweaters, dresses. On top, place the more fragile items - anything chiffon, beaded or sequined - turned inside out so they won't catch. Wrap these pieces in plastic or tissue paper.
  4. Lastly, don't over-stuff your bags! Clothes and shoes can end up badly creased.
Personally, I'm a big believer in light traveling. I like to feel comfortable during long flights (my wardrobe staples include: cotton stretch black legging, loose tops or t-shirts, denim or leather jacket - depends on where I'm going - and flat shoes) and I don't like to worry about carrying too many unnecessary holdalls and such. I put all my travel necessities into one bag fit for everything:
  • Cashmere wrap or any printed thin silk scarves (warm enough for the cold airplane temperature and it can even hide any bad hair day once you landed)
  • Big sunglasses (a must!)
  • Oversized pocketbook to store passport and tickets
  • Digital camera and iPod
  • Moisturizer, eye cream, toothbrush and paste, antibacterial wipes and tissues (placed in clear plastic bags in small amount)
  • Mints or gum
  • Magazines or any reading materials
  • A small notebook and a pen
  • A favorite scent to be applied after the flight (again, in small amount)
  • Small mirror and a small bag of cosmetic basics - mascara, cheek tint, lip gloss, concealer
There you go. I hope that helps, if not, oh well.



  1. these tips on packing really good i should try

  2. thanks, glad that can be of help for you! cheers!