Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Athens, Greece Pt.3

Okay. So day 3 of my trip in Athens was well spent. I went on an island cruise to Hydra, Poros and Aegena all in one day. Exhausting? Kind of. I had to get up way freakin early, man! I was expecting a sunny, warm, breezy, balmy day.. you know, total perfect beach day. But of course, the weather had other plans. It was cloudy and rain drizzles a little. But the view was so amazingly beautiful it took my breath away, it didn't matter that it got cold (and I forgot to bring a sweater or jacket) and it rained a little..

The Cruise Ship
The View
I got sea-sick. Not fun.
Hydra Island
"I'm COLD"
Gyros (so so so delicious!)
Poros Island
I get to witness the Greek Folk Dance, LIVE, where everyone joins in
On the ship's deck
Beautiful Mediterranean sea
Aegena Island, on our way to an old Monastery

Despite the cloudy and somewhat cold weather, it was a marvelous experience. The view was, again, an absolute beauty! Amazing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shop Boutique, Athens

Found this cute little boutique while walking around in Athens near the Monastiraki Square. It's called "SHOP" in Ermou St. 112A, Athens (0030-2103231683). Two stories with lots of great designer stuff (women and men's clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes and bags) from Twenty8Twelve, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Ted Baker, and many other international designer brands as well as amazing pieces by local designers.

For all you fashionista out there, put this on your shopping to-go list when you come to Athens. Not far from the shop, there's a gelato bar.. delish!

Athens, Greece Pt.2

So here's day 2 of my honeymoon trip in Athens. Did a little sightseeing around the town and some souvenir window-shopping in Monastiraki Square and Plaka. It was a pretty cloudy day. A little drizzle of rain came pouring while we're at the Ancient Agora (not fun!).

Went to the Monastiraki flea market

Ancient Agora
Found a turtle living amongst the ruins

The Temple of Hephaistos
Found this little food shop called 'Everest' selling yummy stuff from a varied selection of salad to Greek pita sandwiches (delish!)

The crazy traffic in Athens, thank God for pedestrian road
The Parliament building, Syntagma Square

Monday, September 28, 2009

Athens, Greece Pt.1

Actually, I've arrived in Athens, Greece, about 3 days ago. But I haven't gotten around to get an internet voucher. Also because I've been so busy consuming everything about this beautiful place. So far everything has reached beyond my expectations. It is the perfect place to go for honeymoon (as what I'm doing) and it should be on your top list of places to go before you die. Seriously. So here's a re-cap on what I've been doing on my first day in Athens:

Getting ready for Acropolis 'hike'
"I'm not prepared for this hike!"

The view from up here? Priceless.

So here we are in front of the Parthenon

The Temple of Olympian Zeus

I am completely blown away by this place. Yeah, some part may be urban and modern, some part may be a bit dodgy, but that's what makes Athens 'Athens', you know? Its got character. I love it.

More to come soon!

ps: I left for Athens on the day of my birthday. How's that for a great way to start my 25th? Haha.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting There

I'm in the midst of packing up for my trip to Greece tomorrow. So excited. Yet, the packing part is not really my favorite part. However. I'm a known master packer.. not a problem. My bed may look all messy now:

But, when it comes down to it.. see how neat everything being laid out?

Since the weather in Greece is still pretty decent (think Summer yet not too scorching hot) as I've been told. Here are some of the things that I've packed (very essential!), and perhaps this might give you a little idea on what to pack if you're heading to a hot destination like myself:
  • Tunics, caftans and sundresses that can serve as dresses or tops
  • Anything in lighter, brighter colors, and definitey white, is very appropriate.. leave all the darks behind
  • Bikinis, cute bras, boy shorts to wear under sheer dresses (sexy lingerie is appropriate too since this is going to be my honeymoon trip)
  • A fab belt that can turn sarong into a dress (leather or raffia, colored woven is also appropriate)
  • Flip-flops and sandals of any kind is requisite
  • Flat shoes for sightseeing or going to the museum kinda thing
  • Stockpile hoops, anything ethnics and bangles.. Gold jewelry also looks great against tanned skin
There you go! Hope that helps! I'll see you all much later. Ciao!

beautiful life

My birthday is in.. oh, a few more hours? Haha. I bought a UK Glamour magazine (October 2009 Issue) yesterday, I had to be happy with the horoscope (or GlamourScope so they said) for Libra:

"So, it's a big one. Kicking off with the full moon on the 4th, someone gets you all hot under the collar. From then on, you'll feel up and down, but the 18th heralds a host of new ways of seeing and doing things. Make plenty of wishes and write them down. Saturn arrives on the 30th and if your birthday falls in September you'll immediately feel its positive effects.

The appearance of Saturn in your sign means that the next two years are a major growing up period - we're talking big career promotions and life-changing commitments like marriage and babies. The keyword is responsibility. Rise to it, volunteer for it, even, and you'll be amazed by the benefits. But try to shirk it, and life will get harder than it needs to be."

Some of the things I've ever wished for has been slowly ticked off from my list. Life's been great. I hope the future will bring out even greater and exciting things for me. Amen to that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Go DJ Go

Hey. If you got some time to spare, vote for my DJ friend, FERRE, for Djarum Black Slimz Soundtrack.

This is how:

Send email to with your subject "VOTING SLIMZ SOUNDTRACK"
Write "FERRE RISKY & [reason why you vote him]"

"FERRE RISKY because he's DOPE!"

Check him out on

Voting session starts on Wednesday 9 September 2009 and ends on Friday 9 October 2009 at 8pm! So, please, support my good friend by voting in.

Monday, September 14, 2009

craving for meat

I've been craving for red meat, I don't know why. Oops. Sorry for those who are vegetarians.. Last week I've been devouring meal after meal in which contains red meat: Steak, Cheeseburgers, Korean meat BBQ, Sandwhiches with smoked beef..

This has got to be the highlight of the meat-eating-fest week:

Brightspot Market

So I went to BRIGHTSPOT MARKET last weekend. It's a temporary, traveling, market style, curated retail concept which is hosted by C&C Projects, Leonard Theosabrata Designs (LTD) and Future10. Held in Grand Indonesia (in a raw 800m+ space) starting from September 11 - 13, 2009. The market includes fashion items and accessories, jeans, t-shirts, toys, shoes, sneakers, bake sale, fixed gear bikes, books, records, collectibles and so much more from 16 D Scale, Aksara, AOD, Archive, Auvimus by M-Audio, EAT, Geulis, GHOST, Happy Go Lucky, Hero's Custom Bikes, Janeville, Just Fresh Toys, Katallog, KLE, Magic Happens, Majic+Far, Melissa Shoes (707), Monday to Sunday, Moozee Bags, Nike, Nikicio, Orbis, Petite Cupcake, Poei Oei, Proklamasi, RVCA, Satcas, Seba Shoes, T-Lab, Tribute, Tosavica and White Board Journal! Daily DJs spin folk, funk, disco, rare groove, chilled electronica, atmospheric house.. and there's even acoustic band performances, poetry reading and other exciting stuff.

Here are some photos:

Wanna know more about it? Go to!