Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Athens, Greece Pt.3

Okay. So day 3 of my trip in Athens was well spent. I went on an island cruise to Hydra, Poros and Aegena all in one day. Exhausting? Kind of. I had to get up way freakin early, man! I was expecting a sunny, warm, breezy, balmy day.. you know, total perfect beach day. But of course, the weather had other plans. It was cloudy and rain drizzles a little. But the view was so amazingly beautiful it took my breath away, it didn't matter that it got cold (and I forgot to bring a sweater or jacket) and it rained a little..

The Cruise Ship
The View
I got sea-sick. Not fun.
Hydra Island
"I'm COLD"
Gyros (so so so delicious!)
Poros Island
I get to witness the Greek Folk Dance, LIVE, where everyone joins in
On the ship's deck
Beautiful Mediterranean sea
Aegena Island, on our way to an old Monastery

Despite the cloudy and somewhat cold weather, it was a marvelous experience. The view was, again, an absolute beauty! Amazing.


  1. wow!!! the last 4 posts?? i just love them.. seems you're having real fun!!! how lucky you two are :(

  2. glad you enjoyed it! hehe. it was a lot of fun!