Wednesday, September 23, 2009

beautiful life

My birthday is in.. oh, a few more hours? Haha. I bought a UK Glamour magazine (October 2009 Issue) yesterday, I had to be happy with the horoscope (or GlamourScope so they said) for Libra:

"So, it's a big one. Kicking off with the full moon on the 4th, someone gets you all hot under the collar. From then on, you'll feel up and down, but the 18th heralds a host of new ways of seeing and doing things. Make plenty of wishes and write them down. Saturn arrives on the 30th and if your birthday falls in September you'll immediately feel its positive effects.

The appearance of Saturn in your sign means that the next two years are a major growing up period - we're talking big career promotions and life-changing commitments like marriage and babies. The keyword is responsibility. Rise to it, volunteer for it, even, and you'll be amazed by the benefits. But try to shirk it, and life will get harder than it needs to be."

Some of the things I've ever wished for has been slowly ticked off from my list. Life's been great. I hope the future will bring out even greater and exciting things for me. Amen to that.

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