Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chic Jeans of the Season

Jeans has always been a staple in our wardrobe. I love jeans. So much. Although some may not suitable for my body shape.

Here are some jeans that I think will keep coming back for another couple of seasons:

From Left-Right:
1. Ripped jeans (ruggedly chic!)
2. Bootcut jeans (they're flattering for all body shape, especially in dark wash)
3. Cutoff denim shorts (worn with dark tights and chic boots for Fall)
4. Denim legging (one of my current favorite go-to basic everyday wardrobe staples, and very comfortable too!)
5. Wide-legged jeans (for the thinner, boyish body shape, I must say)
6. Skinny jeans (will still be a favorite despite the pros and cons of this particular style)

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