Friday, October 02, 2009

Athens, Greece Pt.4

Okay. Get ready people. This story is going to be on day 4 in Athens. Went on a Corinth Tour. I got to see the famous Corinth Canal in which it connects the Aegean sea or something like that. I really really want to take pictures along the bridge, but it was so freakin' high, my fear of heights took over. My knees were shaking so bad, I let my husband to go through the bridge on his own. Well. Take a look for yourself:

Short stop at one of the private beaches in Corinth. So beautiful.

Ancient Corinth Agora
At the museum
Eek! Creepy. This is for real people..
What's left of the Ancient Corinth Agora

Yeah, that's the Temple of Aphrodite way up in the mountain. It'll take forever (and definitely not by car) to get there..

After the tour, I had a late lunch at this taverna in Monastiraki area. The food are absolutely delicious! I don't know how to read that. But hey.

More to come! Stay tuned.

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up real early to catch my flight to Singapore. So sad. I can't believe my time is up here in beautiful Athens. I really hope I can come back in the future. Anyway. Gotta catch some snooze before catching a flight tomorrow. Toodles!

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