Thursday, October 08, 2009

Athens, Greece Pt.7

Okay, here's the final one. Day 7 is the last day of my trip to Athens. Wish I could've stayed longer. But no can do, gotta go back to the real life. *sigh* I'm so sad that this wonderful trip had to end, but some day I will go back there again. I mean it. I love everything about it there.

Day 7. Went sightseeing and do a little souvenir shopping for friends and family back home. Along the way, we made a short stop at The Tower of the Winds (at the Roman Agora). Such a beautiful building.

Ermou Street, where everyone goes for shopping. It has everything from H&M, Zara, Berschka, and many more. It has been pedestrianized so it was great to just wander around, and when you're tired you can sit on the benches in front of the old church on the corner of the street.
We end our stay in Athens by having a lovely dinner at this famous souvlaki restaurant called Thanassis (highly recommended by basically everyone). It was worth every cent. It is located near Monastiraki square.

That's all from Athens! Hope you enjoyed it.

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