Monday, November 30, 2009

"Fashion 80s" Reunion

So I went to this event last night called "Fashion 80s the Reunion Fashion Show". It's for the who's who in which you can call a pioneer in the Indonesian fashion scene back in the 80s (supermodels, designers, hair stylists, fashion editors, etc). It was quite a fete. And, my mom, I'm proud to say, was a part of it all. She was a well-respected fashion editor back in the days.

(L-R): Enny Soekamto (ex-supermodel), Andang Gunawan (my mom), Hengky (famous hairstylists), Itang Yunasz (famous fashion designer)
Went with my best friend, Dita.

Check out her sexy legs! She's 54!
The show was opened by a parade of what you can call the Indonesian version of Spanx. It's called "Sabrina" here. They even have it for men. Apparently these so-called-undergarments, not only it can suck you up in all the right places, but when you wear 'em, you'll actually able to lose a few pounds. Or so they said.
I find it a bit disturbing. Haha. My hubby also find it rather disturbing. He pity the male models who has to parade around wearing 'those'.

The main show.
My mom wearing Ghea.
Again, wearing Carmanita.
The male fashion.

Oh yeah, she rocked the runway like a true pro!
All the designers, ex-supermodels, stylists who made it big in the 80s and became a legend are all part of this big event. Brava everyone!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Marmalade Pantry

Tried this new restaurant last weekend on one of my date nights with my hub. Its called "The Marmalade Pantry". The decor was cozy minimalist with wooden accent all over. The food was good. The ambiance was good.

First Course: Crab Caesar Salad (excellent).
Second Course: Grilled Chicken w/ Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich and a side of Sweet Potato Chips (it was good but a bit spicy because they put those Italian chili on the spread).
Dessert: Banoffie (basically, a fancy name for Banana Cream Pie hehe.. it was good).
Try it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

for the love of cupcakes

I think people around me have been infected by the cupcake bug. I think I have too. I even got 'em for my wedding cake (mind you, those are for the top of the cake):

But I only found a few really really good cupcakes (some bakery are selling a ridiculously overpriced and overrated cupcakes that tasted so-so) that are worth to be devoured by me, like the one below (made by my mother's friend's daughter, Alma):

This one is the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing (my absolute fave). OMG. It's like a little piece of heaven in your mouth!

Very recently, the magazine I worked for are writing a piece about healthy cupcakes. Check out the green tea cupcakes we managed to whip up. It was very tasty and yummy if I say so myself. And it is damn healthy too!
I think I'm going to order some of those red velvet cupcakes for myself first thing tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White House|Black Market

White House|Black Market is an American fashion store known for its sleek lines, and its focus on white, black, and other variants of the two colors. The history of this brand is very interesting. In 1985, The White House, which is a tiny women's boutique exclusively offering white and ivory apparel and accessories opened is doors in Baltimore, Maryland. Continuing its monochromatic theme, the same owners opened Black Market in 1995. The concepts were combined in 1997, creating White House|Black Market stores.

Here are some of my faves:

Matte Jersey Dress
Jet Medallion Bib Necklace
Satin Rose Heel
Sequin Pump
Wristlet Bow Cafe Bag in Red (available in Black)
Silk Draped Organza Bustier
Sequin Sweater Jacket
Tuxedo Jacket

For online shopping go to White House|Black Market

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 pt.1

Went to Cleo Fashion Award for Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 the other day at Pacific Place Promenade. Some Indonesian up and coming fashion designers are showcasing their designs on the runway. The competition was fierce! They sure have talents. Here's some of the re-cap:

The stage.
Nina Nikicio.

The designer with models.

I'm drawn into this one.

The designer with model.
Majic, one of my ultimate fave of the night.

This is the white-blue jacket/blazer I so want. So, CALL ME, Majic. Would love to wear this one!!
The designers with model.
I'm so proud that more and more young Indonesian designers have emerged. The designs are fantabulous! Can't wait to get my hands on some of them. Yay, Jakarta Fashion Week 2009!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Military can be Sexy

Oh yes. Military can be so damn sexy. And I'm not talking about men in uniforms.

Many celebrities have been bringing the sexy back to Military outfit. And by that I don't mean the cliche camouflage prints. With the likes of band such as Coldplay, and other celebs such as Beyonce, Madonna and even Brigitte Bardot (back in the '60s), they've all been sashaying before our eyes rocking chic military-inspired outfits.
I'm liking this look purely because I've always been into that whole androgynous-chic-look, that whole feminine-meets-masculine-in-a-cute-way-sorta-thing. There's something sexy about a woman being able to pull off this mannish look. You too can follow this fashion fad. Just one word of advice: Don't go overboard wearing military head-to-toe, otherwise you'll end up looking like you've been signed into the army. Also, becareful not to look overly costumey.

Pair it with a tight skinny pants and a sexy peep-toe booties like the one shown below:

I'd suggest buy a jacket/coat for this trend, as it never goes out of style for a long period of time. Just make sure you buy a jacket/coat that are fitted perfectly to your body shape.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Bandung Road Trip, Nov 2009, pt.2

Here's some more scattered photos from the Bandung trip (courtesy of my little sis-in-law):

Day 1. At the Pancake Parlour. Cold and tired.
Day 2. At a boutique called Black Market next to Nanny's Pavillon.

Showing off our cool shoes. Haha. Mine is from Topshop just in case you're wondering. His is from River Island.
Day 2, went back to Jakarta at around 5.30pm-ish. Bought a lot of food for my parents (chocolate brownies, picnic rolls, apple pie and batagor) in which I've already devoured as I'm typing this. The ride back home felt so long and dark.. listened to a lot of Bob Marley and Citizen King. It was an exhausting day.