Monday, November 09, 2009

Bandung Hidden Gems

Day 2 Bandung Trip (8 November 2009):

Basically, went on a shopping rampage.. okay, not exactly. I don't really shop mainly because I'm just not in the mood (surprise, surprise). But! I walked around Bandung road to find some hidden gems along the way! Observe the following cute boutique called Teapot:

Very cute store with a vintage-y feel decor, selling lots of cute one-of-a-kind pieces. The owner is a lady whose very cute and 'wholesome' hehe.

This small cafe/restaurant is like the Indonesian version of The Ivy (the one in Los Angeles) hehe.. offering Belgian waffles, pancakes, and some other yummy drool-worthy selection of food.
'Pavillon'? Shouldn't it be Pavillion?
This one is called nasi uduk.

More photos to come soon.


  1. hey! thanks and welcome back! i read you went on a trip somewhere?