Monday, November 30, 2009

"Fashion 80s" Reunion

So I went to this event last night called "Fashion 80s the Reunion Fashion Show". It's for the who's who in which you can call a pioneer in the Indonesian fashion scene back in the 80s (supermodels, designers, hair stylists, fashion editors, etc). It was quite a fete. And, my mom, I'm proud to say, was a part of it all. She was a well-respected fashion editor back in the days.

(L-R): Enny Soekamto (ex-supermodel), Andang Gunawan (my mom), Hengky (famous hairstylists), Itang Yunasz (famous fashion designer)
Went with my best friend, Dita.

Check out her sexy legs! She's 54!
The show was opened by a parade of what you can call the Indonesian version of Spanx. It's called "Sabrina" here. They even have it for men. Apparently these so-called-undergarments, not only it can suck you up in all the right places, but when you wear 'em, you'll actually able to lose a few pounds. Or so they said.
I find it a bit disturbing. Haha. My hubby also find it rather disturbing. He pity the male models who has to parade around wearing 'those'.

The main show.
My mom wearing Ghea.
Again, wearing Carmanita.
The male fashion.

Oh yeah, she rocked the runway like a true pro!
All the designers, ex-supermodels, stylists who made it big in the 80s and became a legend are all part of this big event. Brava everyone!

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  1. wow Kara!! it seems so much fun!! and i pity those male models either :)