Friday, November 13, 2009

Military can be Sexy

Oh yes. Military can be so damn sexy. And I'm not talking about men in uniforms.

Many celebrities have been bringing the sexy back to Military outfit. And by that I don't mean the cliche camouflage prints. With the likes of band such as Coldplay, and other celebs such as Beyonce, Madonna and even Brigitte Bardot (back in the '60s), they've all been sashaying before our eyes rocking chic military-inspired outfits.
I'm liking this look purely because I've always been into that whole androgynous-chic-look, that whole feminine-meets-masculine-in-a-cute-way-sorta-thing. There's something sexy about a woman being able to pull off this mannish look. You too can follow this fashion fad. Just one word of advice: Don't go overboard wearing military head-to-toe, otherwise you'll end up looking like you've been signed into the army. Also, becareful not to look overly costumey.

Pair it with a tight skinny pants and a sexy peep-toe booties like the one shown below:

I'd suggest buy a jacket/coat for this trend, as it never goes out of style for a long period of time. Just make sure you buy a jacket/coat that are fitted perfectly to your body shape.

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