Monday, November 02, 2009

November 09 Wish-Lists

Okay. I haven't done this in quite a while. But since we're coming to a new season, I thought it would be appropriate to do this now. Here are my November 09 shopping wish-lists:

1. Mike & Chris Trevor studded leather vest
2. Elizabeth and James Tokyo jersey top
3. Denis Colomb Soho herringbone cashmere-blend shawl
4. Alexander McQueen Union Jack box clutch
5. Christian Louboutin 120 cutout boots

I guess I'm into leather, studs, skulls, masculine meets feminine kinda vibe, and definitely all about comfort. But then again, I've always been into skulls, not in a metal-hard-rock kinda way though. I'm very into cashmere. Love, love, love cashmere.. they're so soft and warm.

ps: I'm going to Hong Kong for new years! Stay tuned for that. It's gonna be damn exciting!

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