Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bandung Road Trip, Nov 2009, pt.1

Day 1 Road Trip to Bandung (7 November 2009):

Got up way early in the morning only to find the electricity went kaput on us. So, had to wait a bit until its back on (otherwise, no shower = no good). After the electricity went back on, the water's on, we're all scrubbed and clean and dressed, we loaded all our stuff into the car, then we HIT THE ROAD! It was a 1,5 hour trip (nonstop).. Aerosmith, Coldplay, Foo Fighters were blasting from the stereo. The weather forecast predicted rain that day, but thank God no rain. It was an okay weather all in all.

Him and his shades

Soon as we reached the hotel in Bandung (The Luxton!), we unpacked then went out for a late lunch with the in-laws at Suis Butcher. Then went to the hair salon to get my hair done for the wedding that night.

The wedding:

The newlyweds
The pink ladies
After the wedding, went to The Pancake Parlour at PVJ for a late night munchies.. it was good.

The breakfast delight
I was so tired from standing too long with a freakin high heels, I dozed off soon as I saw a pillow.

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