Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7-11, what can I say?

Sunday night went to a friend's wedding with hubby. When we arrived, the food were almost non-existent on the buffet table. Can't believe they only served limited number of food when the guests are almost reaching 5000 people. So, we left the party early. Can't bear the hunger any longer. Made a short stop at the brand new 7-11 (ah yes now we have 7-11 in Jakarta, how fab is that?) for a late night muchies:

Strawberry (his) and Rootbeer (mine) slurpees

Hot Dog. It was okay I guess, except for the fact that the neon orange mystery cheese sauce ruined it.
Today is my father's birthday! Happy birthday dad! Wishing you many more fabulous years to come! Pray for a grandchildren soon! Amen.

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