Monday, December 07, 2009

The Blue Erawan

Went to lunch with my parents today at this fabulous Thai cuisine restaurant called The Blue Erawan. This restaurant has franchises all over the world. The first time I've ever eaten in this restaurant is at the one in Paris, France. But it's called The Blue Elephant. I don't know why they call it differently here. Well, as long as they have the same fantabulous delicious food, it's all good! I heart Thai cuisine. On one of my trips to Bangkok, Thailand, a while back, I ate so much it's not even funny!

Anyway. I find the restaurant has excellent food, ambience and services. Very exotic!

The decor is simply fantabulously exudes the exotic-ness of Thailand.

Compliments from the Chef:
My mom's fave (I forgot what's it called):
My fave (prawn cake!):
I ate so much which includes: green chicken curry, deep fried fish with traditional chili sauce, and sauted morning glory (I didn't take pictures on these foods because soon as they arrived at our table, I quickly filled my plate and devoured it within minutes). For dessert I had the steamed banana with coconut cream and a side dish of vanilla ice cream! Very delicious!!!

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! Even just for drinks late at night, they've got some delicious selections of cocktails.

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