Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold Destination

Are you heading to a cold destination? I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning, and it's going to be a cold winter season! What to pack? Just because it's cold, it doesn't mean you can't look chic being 'bundled up' in winter clothing. Here's the list:

  1. Stick to the basics, or your suitcase will bulk up quickly.
  2. As for colors, stick to neutrals: black, brown, and cream are best. If you want a splash of color, play with your accessories (bags, scarves or jewelries).
  3. Cashmere is great because it's the warmest and least bulky.
  4. A fabulous black leather motorcycle jacket can give cold weather an edgy look. If there's room, bring also a great trenchcoat in light neutral colors (it looks richer against black) that can go from day to night, really chic!
  5. Think layers, such as tank tops and silky camisoles. Cotton leggings are also great staples for layering.
  6. Jeans are always a staple, as well as a dressy black trousers or a skirt in a cut that suits your shape (who knows you might be going to a fancy place that needs you to dress up a notch?).
  7. A light dress is okay. Remember, always think layering, not bulking up!
  8. Pack a hosiery, but never skin-colored. Go for the black opaque tights.
  9. Don't forget a hat (a newsboy, a beanie cap, a floppy wool beret -- anything that can easily be folded away), gloves, and even sunglasses.
  10. Go with a comfortable yet chic pair of walking shoes that can survive through rain and snow. I love men-style black leather combat boots and I'll also bring a pair of easy go-to-ballet-flats. For a night out, a black booties worn with opaque black tights looked amazing and sexy.

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