Monday, December 07, 2009

Military Inspired - Olivia Palermo

I recently bought this fabulous military-inspired blazer/jacket from Zara. It was an impulsive thing haha. But when I first saw it hit the store, I thought to myself, "okay.. I love that blazer/jacket so much, I just have to have it.. I know I'm going to wear it OFTEN." So I tried it on, looked into the mirror and thought, "damn I look good!" (ha, okay, no I didn't really say that to myself.. but close enough: "damn this jacket look so hot!").

There you go. This jacket is now sitting pretty in my room. I've worn them for my date night last weekend. I rocked it with a faux-leather legging and a v-neck white boyfriend t-shirt. And since it was a casual dinner date, I wore my gray studded suede flat shoes instead of the usual killer heels.

Lo and behold! I was surfing through the net the other day only to find that Olivia Palermo has the exact same jacket! What are the odds? She's like one of my favorite fashionista ever! So I guess we have similar taste then? Haha.

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