Monday, January 04, 2010

Hong Kong

This is it. I want to return some day.

Day 1 -- Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Amazing view from our room.
Day 2 -- Disneyland Hong Kong (it may not be as big as the one in California or Florida, but when there's Disneyland, you just have to go).

Mickey Mouse coffee pudding. Where else can you find a fine dining Chinese restaurant but in Disneyland Hong Kong!

"It's A Small World"

New Years Party at the Blue Bar, Four Seasons Hotel.
The DJ (his name is Aldo). The songs? I wanted to leave immediately.
And then these. (I'm obviously confused)
Went to Under the Bridge Crab (or something along that line) restaurant for a 2AM meal. Check out the huge claw on that crab! It was delicious, too!
It was quite a feast for a 2AM dining experience.
Always packed.
Day 3 -- went to Shenzhen, just about 45 minutes away from Hong Kong.

Day 4 was well spent. We went on a one-day-powershopping-trip and then we had dinner to celebrate our last night at Lei Garden, the best Chinese restaurant I've ever had. I was too tired (my feet and back was sore) to take pictures. So.

Hope you all have a great new years celebration! Welcome 2010!!


  1. i love the pic that you guys are on an elephant!! it's so sweet and fun :)


  2. Happy New Year, Karandi! Aduh sirik berat liat makanannya hohoho

  3. Dan yes Kara, I fully agree, Disneyland di negara manapun harus amat sangat disamperin!

  4. Seyma -- thanks luv!
    Leija -- yoi dong, La! (re. disneyland)