Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage - Online Shopping

Here are some online stores to get you going on this whole vintage shopping expeditions, or simply for some inspirations: (Rare Designer Finds)
From Nolan Miller to Norman Norell, here's where you can go to find rare pieces and authentic couture from the high-fashion names of decades past. And be sure to visit the Attic, a section of retro dresses, suits, accessories, and wool jackets with no labels but still plenty of style. (A Taste of Hollywood Glam)
The Melrose Avenue Decades boutique has long been the go-to spot for a vintage fix. Its site includes a gallery of Oscar-worthy gowns as well as more contemporary glam items in the Decadestwo consignment section. (Fun Retro Pieces)
This collection runs the gamut from funny (bowling shirts) to froufrou (prom dresses with flared tulle skirts). Best yet? Almost all pieces in this vast selection cost under $40. (Mostly '80s)
Focusing on the '80s style, this online destination takes an innovative approach: Alongside clothing truly from that memorable decade, they offer a great new grouping inspired by the era. (Well Priced)
More focused on having fun with fashion than on high-end labels, this cheeky site offers up a style-oriented search in clever categories (are you more Goth or Grace Kelly?) that make it amusingly easy to pinpoint your choices.

There you go. Happy hunting!

Vintage Shopping

Are you into vintage shopping? Personally, I love vintage shopping, but I limit myself to bags and accessories only. Something icky about wearing someone else's old clothes. Haha. Vintage means you get to wear something that no one else would have and it would be unique as it is one of a kind.

If you are into vintage shopping, here are some tips from Cameron Silver, proprietor of Decades, Hollywood's favorite shop of retro treasures:

"Buying vintage is emotional. It's more like securing a piece of history than it is purchasing a piece of clothing. So it's best to be as informed as possible." - Cameron Silver

1. Send a hello via e-mail. "The real secret to buying online is to work with sellers who are going to treat you like you're in their shop - so introduce yourself. Tell the seller which designers and eras are your favorites; where you live; and a little about your work and lifestyle. Some of my best customers I've never even met in person, but I feel like I know them well."

2. Ask tons of questions. "Inquire about quality. About fit. Ask for a picture of the label. If there is a problem described by the seller (e.g. a spot on the fabric), ask for photos to see it."

3. Find out about returns. "Most online purchases of vintage clothing are final. But if you are a really good client, a seller might agree to send things to you on approval."

4. Do your homework. "Say you're buying vintage Gucci: To get your money's worth, know what authentic version looks like and its real value."

Hope that helps!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winter Kate by Nicole Richie

You know I'm a huge fan of Nicole Richie's style. I've also been a big fan of her chic House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line that I even owned a few pieces myself from the line. It is very versatile yet such a statement piece.

And now, after the success of her jewelry line, Nicole Richie is now expanding on her design prowess and chic retro jewelry creations to branch into a full line of apparel and footwear with a similar vintage yet classic aesthetic. The new line, called Winter Kate, Richie's daughter's middle name, created in partnership with brand owner and manufacturer Majestic Mills, is comprised of approximately 40 pieces: long and short, blouses, tunics, vests, bed jackets, kimono tops and more structured jackets, in vintage silk crepe and vintage silk chiffon, some with fringe and handcrafted embroidery or cotton macrame details. The collection is inspired by timeless prints and shapes; beautiful paisley (my favorite!) and florals that have been vintage washed and some have been over-dyed for that classic feel. Personally, I thought the line can be versatile and exudes Nicole Richie's personal style that is effortless chic.

See some of the pieces from the Spring/Summer 2010 Look Book:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

March '10 Wish Lists

So this is it. Another most wanted edition. Sorry for the long absence, I've been quite unwell in which prevents me from blogging. Here you go, my March 2010 shopping lists:

(Top to Bottom, Clockwise):
1. Vanessa Bruno collarless leather jacket
2. Stella McCartney sheer silk-chiffon blouse
3. Richard Nicoll crepe de chine cutout dress
4. Rebecca Minkoff flowerstud clutch
5. Blotch Antoinette silk-satin ballerina flats
6. Thomas Wylde print and studded silk-chiffon dress

As of last month, this month I'm also still all about comfort chic. The reason is mostly due to the fact that I am currently 'expecting'. Yes, people, I'm already 3 months along. It has been a great news for me and my loved ones. So pray for my health (and the baby of course), readers!

Thanks for stopping by!