Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Shopping

Are you into vintage shopping? Personally, I love vintage shopping, but I limit myself to bags and accessories only. Something icky about wearing someone else's old clothes. Haha. Vintage means you get to wear something that no one else would have and it would be unique as it is one of a kind.

If you are into vintage shopping, here are some tips from Cameron Silver, proprietor of Decades, Hollywood's favorite shop of retro treasures:

"Buying vintage is emotional. It's more like securing a piece of history than it is purchasing a piece of clothing. So it's best to be as informed as possible." - Cameron Silver

1. Send a hello via e-mail. "The real secret to buying online is to work with sellers who are going to treat you like you're in their shop - so introduce yourself. Tell the seller which designers and eras are your favorites; where you live; and a little about your work and lifestyle. Some of my best customers I've never even met in person, but I feel like I know them well."

2. Ask tons of questions. "Inquire about quality. About fit. Ask for a picture of the label. If there is a problem described by the seller (e.g. a spot on the fabric), ask for photos to see it."

3. Find out about returns. "Most online purchases of vintage clothing are final. But if you are a really good client, a seller might agree to send things to you on approval."

4. Do your homework. "Say you're buying vintage Gucci: To get your money's worth, know what authentic version looks like and its real value."

Hope that helps!

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