Thursday, September 16, 2010

En Garde Artilleries - In Love, and War Part 1

How proud am I to write about this one as my brother is the mastermind behind this project - En Garde Artilleries "IN LOVE, AND WAR PART 1"

Here's the story:

The idea was conceived in 2008 by Narya who had always wanted to create his own line of jewelry for men. The name ‘En Garde’ just came out of nowhere and it has been his pet project’s name ever since. ‘Artilleries’ is added sometime later to replace the word ‘jewelry’.

Swords and firearms may be the most standout ‘accessory’ worn by many men of the past, however, today the term ‘artilleries’ may refer to something completely different. This is why, and how En Garde Artilleries was finally born in 2010.

En Garde Artilleries fuses history, romance and film noir into a collection of handmade jewelry - combining different materials such as metal, wood and acrylic to create masculine yet still unisex, sophisticated pieces.

"Battle Royal"



"The Crusades"

"Vieux Marche"

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