Friday, November 12, 2010

something for november

This is a funny bit. Taken from Glamour US magazine Nov 2010 issue.


1. Your bag was stolen, giving you the best excuse ever to buy a new, even nicer bag. Joke's on you, robber man!

2. After three weeks on crutches, your triceps will be ripped.

3. An outdoor wedding in the rain makes for very cinematic pictures.

4. Two days of stomach flu: Hey! Take those jeans out of the giveaway bag... They fit again!

5. Maybe the firemen will be hot.

6. Well, at least you know the air bags work.

7. If someone steals your identity, that means they have to take on your credit card debt, right? Right?

8. Now they can see that, besides being brilliant and beautiful, at heart you're just a regular person with a temper.

9. Having a pimple makes you look younger.

10. The baby. The baby is the silver lining even though you just got a million stitches down there.

Enjoy November!

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