Saturday, January 08, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Ok, I'm not one to always make a new year's resolution and actually really really stuck by it. But, opening another chapter in my life, I thought I probably should.

Which means, starting this year I shall:

1. Travel more (to exotic and highly-cultured places) especially now that I have a child, I'd like to show him what is out there.

2. Pursue my dreams harder. *I could tell you here, but then I'm afraid I might jinx it haha*

3. Saving up more money in order to fulfill my dream house, my child's future needs and amazing holidays.

These are just some of the major resolutions I really really want to stick by till forever. Wish me luck!


  1. Mendukung yang nomer 1, Kara! And try going with a limited budget, half of the budget you usually spend. Backpacking, if you will. It will give you a helluva new perspectice. More for you than the son, of course :D

    Happy belated New Year!

  2. Happy belated new year to you too Lei!! Hehe. Kalo backpacking eike tak bisa bawa si piyik dong --"