Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby A's "Tedak Siten"

Sunday 29th May 2011 we held "Tedak Siten" event for my 9 months old son. Basically it's a Javanese traditional ceremony to celebrate a baby's first steps. No, my boy hasn't walked on his own yet, but he is able to hold on to something and make his way to the other side with his own two feet.

For a moment there I was a bit worried that he'll start crying once people started to hover around him. But I can actually brush my worries away. He was such a troop, smiling and actually enjoyed the whole hoopla. Such a good little boy! I am so proud of him.

The decoration (all creative ideas was my mom's):

All the traditional "stuff" for the ceremony courtesy of Mamie Hardo:

Washing his feet with jasmine-filled water:

Taking his first step:

Climbing the stairs (boy, is he excited or what):

The only picture we managed to get while he's wearing the Javanese traditional hat (also known as Blangkon):

Stepping on soils for the first time:

Washing away all the soils:

The reason he was put him in a cage is so that he can choose 3 out of the many items we put inside (each has a meaning):

The result? He chose car key (means that he'll have a smooth life), money (means that he'll never be short of anything *amen*) and candle (means that he'll always go through a bright path in life):

I'll always pray for nothing but the very best for my son.


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  2. Thanks for this writter of this Blog, i have knowledge more about this traditional ceremony.. and Love this Blog.. :)

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