Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remember September

I'm a bit sad that September is almost over for this year. It was a great month if I say so myself. A lot of exciting things happening this month: the amazing American family vacation, my birthday, baby A and my joint birthday party (although mostly its all about him more than myself haha!).. all the little things that happened. Anyway, life goes on, this is a wish for myself as I looked into the mirror on my birth day:

"Happy Birthday gorgeous! Today's a new day, it's gonna be awesome from here on.. Make the most of it!"


  1. btw i saw you yesterday at The Cafe - Hotel Mulia with baby A...
    you look really gorgeus in real-life :)

  2. aww thank you! not in pictures then? ;)

  3. Dira: Awwww, isn't she? Hahaha di foto juga kece kok Kar...

  4. what i am trying to say is ur not only photogenic, tapi di real-life pun cantik ;;) and baby A is a cutie-pie :D

  5. hihihi.. eh tante lei nimbrung ajeee.
    shankiuuuu dira!