Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello Bandung!

Went to Bandung over the weekend with husband, baby A and the in-laws. The trip was actually on behalf of my husband's cousin's wedding, but it turned out to be a fun mini getaway nevertheless.

We stayed at Sensa Hotel just inside Cihampelas Walk (straight bang glued together with the outdoor mall). The hotel was new and I thought it was quite nice although they could improve the service (the staff were quite slow) and they need to maintained the airconditioning inside hotel rooms from time to time.

Anyway. Day 1 soon as we arrived, we checked in to the hotel then went straight for lunch at Hummingbird Eatery. The place was so cozy and cute, the food was excellent considering the pretty cheap price (compare to places like that in Jakarta). Afterwards I went to the hair salon to get, what else, my hair done for the wedding that night.

Day 2 woke up early to have breakfast at the hotel by the pool. If it weren't windy I would've let baby A took a dip in the pool. After we packed all our stuff and checked out, we went to lunch at The Kiosk before finally heading to The Secret to buy my parents corned beef and bratwurst sausages from this little sausage place called Just Sosis.

The trip back home was pretty long and tiring mainly due to traffic. Anyway. It was a fun trip though. Bandung, until we meet again!



  1. Karaaa, ur so chic as always :-* I'm still figuring out Aidan nih mirip siapa siiih? Kata Dara, Om Maxi bgt ya? Hahaha... I love his finger-pointing pose

  2. aaa thank you leijaaa :D well, aidan is a mixture between andi, bokap n abhi sih menurut gue although some people also said that he looked like me quite a lot in terms of expressions and kebiasaan :P