Saturday, December 03, 2011

so what else is new?

We're leaving on an impromptu trip to Bandung today. It's going to be a mini weekend getaway for baby A, while his grandmother has a wedding to attend. We don't have to tag along to the wedding (yay!) so we'll do something else to entertain ourselves while we're there. Eat, much? Haha.

Anyway. A little re-cap on what's been going on in the past few days.. or weeks since my last post?

Last weekend went to event of the year: Brightspot Market (I'll post some pictures in the next post). Usually I'm very excited and eager for this particular event. But this time around, they held it at an ex-parking lot of a shopping mall. Although they placed so many airconditioning in almost every corners of the venue, the place was freaking HOT and HUMID. I couldn't concentrate on being there let alone do some retail therapy! 30 minutes tops and I was out of there --" such a shame.

What else has been going on? Oh yes, I've lost some weights and inches! Thanks to 4x pilates classes in a week and a healthy diet meal program I'm doing with the husband. Oh wait, he's not doing the pilates with me :P just the diet meal program.

Until my next post! Gotta finish up my packing before departing this AM. Toodles!


  1. Lord knows how much I envy your weight-loss schemes, hahahaha! Sebenernya kali gue bisa juga ya, tapi my biggest enemies are inconsistency (olahraga) dan males usaha preparing (food) T_T Nanti share-share yahhh

  2. hahaha.. sebenernya inconsistency (olahraga) tsb jg my biggest enemy --" kalo yg soal makanan I find cooking is very therapeutic hehe I really enjoy cooking jadi soal itu gak terlalu problem ya. my workout regime is mainly motivated by a SEBELUM NIKAH picture yg slalu gw pajang dimana2 hahahaha!