Thursday, January 05, 2012

fever be gone

Ugh. My son has caught a severe fever after his scheduled vaccination the other day. This never happened before. Usually, baby A is as healthy as an ox and still bubbly after any vaccination or even while he's sick. This time around I don't know why he caught the fever. Though some sources that I read mentioned that it is normal for a child to caught a severe fever after vaccination (the effects varied on different child), I'm still a bit panicky that my boy caught it because he never had.

Anyway. I'm actually not the pro-vaccine kind of mom, but I only allowed the most necessary ones. Other than that, I won't allow it. Why? Because vaccines these days are just used as tools to make more money for those "vaccine factory". Call me bitter, but I find some of the so-called must-have vaccines are so unnecessary.

Anyway. I hope baby A gets well soon.


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