Monday, January 30, 2012

Here Fishy, Fishy

We (as in me and the husband) decided to take baby A to our own local Seaworld Indonesia last Sunday. Got up early (avoiding too crowded Seaworld), baby A was all excited even before we hopped in to the car. I must say I'm pretty proud with our Seaworld because it was awesome compare to the one in Singapore which I find very small. Anyway. It was a nice Sunday morning, the weather was perfect, not scorching hot yet it wasn't cloudy either. Just perfect. The admission to enter Seaworld is IDR 60.000 per person (above 2 years old). Children under the age of 2 may enter for free! Although the attractions and exhibitions was good I think they could do with more aquarium cleaning.

I realized baby A really enjoyed aquatic life more. Cute.

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