Monday, March 05, 2012

Bali weekend escapade

Me and the husband went on a short leisure getaway over the weekend leaving baby A behind on the capable hands of my parents and his wonderful nanny. We went to Bali and it was a great relaxing weekend I must say though the rain on day 2 has somewhat kind of ruined some of our plans.

Day 1 arrived in sunny Bali, we checked into our private villa at Astana Kunti Seminyak. Hired a car then we drove ourselves to Bali Deli for a very very late lunch. The food was so amazing that me and the husband came up with a catch phrase: "HAPPY BELLY AT BALI DELI" haha. Catchy eh? Afterwards we hung out lounging poolside at Potatohead Beach Club (to watch the sunset, though much to our disappointment when the heavy clouds started to hung around the sky covering the sun). Then we had dinner at Warung Made's. I've been dreaming of their specialty fried rice ever since our departure to Bali. So all in all I had a happy stomach that day.

Day 2 we were greeted by rain (varying from light drizzles to heavy full on down-pour) since 4 in the morning. We were clearly disappointed as there shall be no beach day. I was hoping to be able to lounge around the beach with good books and the sun showering my body. But no. It just had to rain all day on day 2. So instead we went to Cafe Batu Jimbar to buy my mom some brioche, and had an amazing cup of hot cocoa and warm brownies to warm ourselves as the weather was so windy and cloudy I was cold. Then we went to Legian browsing through the market. Lunch at Mykonos. Yum. After a brief window shopping around Seminyak (there's so many cute boutiques!) we decided to head to W Hotel to lounge poolside while enjoying some cold drinks and surprisingly delicious light snacks! The rest of the day we spent it lazing around our private villa as we're leaving Bali the very next day.

Day 3 was still somewhat cloudy, although we managed to get a bit of sunny moments in the morning before our afternoon flight back to Jakarta. I already miss baby A too much by this time. Haha. Can't wait to take another trip back to Bali bringing baby A along.

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