Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Baby Shower: Laila + Wulan's

Last Sunday went to a double baby shower (two of my good friends Laila and Wulan) at Laila's house. The theme of the party was Hawaiian Luau! I made the hostesses to wear Hawaiian grass skirt and flower head band that I made! The party was super fun.

Below is the winning team of (any) Baby Shower party.. we ruled Baby Showers as we've won First place on any baby shower party games we ever attended haha!

Please don't mind the mess of a makeup on my face.. that's part of the game. I was supposed to put on makeup without the help of a mirror and the makeup they gave me? Good Lord. I wouldn't wear those colors together on a daily basis hehe.

Photos courtesy of many sources. Thanks to Wida and Namira.

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  1. awww look at all the mommies! :D :D

    Makasih loh yaaa dipajang di sini. anak rantau cuma bisa liat2 blog orang hahahaha.