Thursday, May 10, 2012

guess what?

I've been fortunate enough to have another trip slash vacay-cay-cay-tion pretty soon! Next week the family and I are going on a short weekend getaway to.. (drum rolls please)


I'm way excited! Although this trip is mostly on behalf of baby A. We're going to 'set camp' at the Hong Kong Disneyland area. This trip won't be so much about me going on a shopping rampage. No. This whole trip is all about going back into being a child with my little guy. As I've mentioned in my older posts, whenever there's Disney in a country you're visiting, no matter how big or small, you just have to go! I'm a Disney freak! I think even after my child grows into a teenager, I'll still go ga-ga about Disneyland ^_^

Anyway. We're leaving on the 16th. I'll post more about the trip once we're there. In the mean time.. I'm going to do this:

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