Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hong Kong Trip Day 3

It's Day 3! If you haven't read already, here's Day 1 and Day 2.

Woke up on day 3 only to find it was pouring rain outside since 6 in the morning! During breakfast I was sad to see lots of children feeling disappointed that it was raining that day. I thought the rain would be done by the time we finished with our morning daily routine. But oh no. This is what we found written on our hotel room's phone screen:

What a way to start your day at Disneyland *sighs*

After moping around the hotel room (whilst waiting for Baby A taking a nap), we finally decided to brave through the rain. Pouring rain just won't stop us from conquering Disney! Armed with our brand new raincoats (even for Baby A) and umbrellas, we marched into the Disney park.

At the Main Street, an array of shops selling souvenirs, trinkets and even snacks ready to take shelter the people who wishes to get out from the rain.

We had lunch at the Plaza Inn restaurant (still in the Main Street area) which serves yummy Cantonese food. The restaurant was packed as it was lunch hour and I think people just wanted to get out from the rain.

After lunch, we went to Fantasyland to take the Dumbo (under the drizzling rain, don't worry Baby A is safe from all that), Winnie the Pooh and It's A Small World ride. Baby A had so much fun noticing all of the Disney characters he knew by heart already.

Then we're off to the Toy Story Land (a brand new area in Disneyland Hong Kong). I'm really excited, although due to bad weather, the RC Racer ride was being closed. Bummer.

Eek! Check out what's coming soon in Disneyland Hong Kong!

Cute Mickey Mouse shaped cookies!

I think Baby A was quite excited about the whole thing that he simply won't take a short nap like he usually does although I know he's a bit tired and feeling rather sleepy. So we took the train ride (in hopes that he'll fall asleep). But of course he didn't. So we stopped at the Main Street and went shopping for a bit, then had dinner at the Corner's Cafe (the kid's meal was yummy that Baby A finished it all sleepy and all).

It was almost 8pm by the time we finished dinner, so we decided to return to the park the next day in hopes that the weather would be a lot better (mind you, that day, it was raining the WHOLE DAY). We watched the fireworks as we walked back towards the shuttle bus area. Until Day 4!

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