Friday, May 25, 2012

Hong Kong Trip Day 5

Here we are. The last day of our Hong Kong trip.

Here's Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.

Oh, before we start, I want to show you what the Disneyland park ticket looks like:

Pretty sweet, eh?

Okay. Day 5. Breakfast at the usual spot, the Enchanted Garden. How fun was it to have your breakfast every morning accompanied by Disney characters? Though I got a bit bored having to take pictures with the same characters over and over, I couldn't help but felt a bit overjoyed.

After breakfast, we went to Hong Kong central again for that little bit of shopping and sightseeing. I went shopping a bit at H&M, though I must say, the kid's collection for boys are a bit disappointing.. they didn't have most of the stuff that I wanted for Baby A.

Then, we had lunch at this Chinese restaurant called.. um.. wait, hang on.. shoot. I totally blanked out on the name of the restaurant. It doesn't matter. It wasn't that good anyway haha. After lunch, it started to rain again. Pretty heavily I should say. So we ducked into the nearest shopping mall for shelter, making our way to The Landmark again because I wanted to go to Three Sixty supermarket again! I love that supermarket so much!

At around 3pm-ish, we decided to have a proper high-tea at this cute little place called Cova. Super yummy treats! The savory dish, the pastries, the tea cakes.. they were all so delicious!

Since we have to get up super early to catch the 9am flight back to Jakarta the next day, we didn't want to exhaust ourselves too much. So after tea, we went back to the hotel. We had dinner at the adjacent hotel, Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. It was very different in concept. They had art deco interiors and had a more modern feel to it. Too bad it was raining again, that we couldn't go out into the garden to see some classic old show cars.

Look at the cute Pork-face Steamed Bun!

Finished dinner, we went back to the hotel and started packing for our flight home the very next day. And that concludes our fun Hong Kong trip!

All in all, it has been a wonderful vacation. I hope we get to come back again real soon! Until next time Disney!! You've been so good to us!

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