Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Kong Trip Day 2

It's Day 2! If you're curious, here's Day 1.

 We started Day 2 with breakfast at the Enchanted Garden for breakfast buffet. Accompanied by Disney characters, Baby A was super excited! You can't really tell from his face as he put on a straight face, but I can assure you that he was happy. He called for those characters and shook hands with them and even blow them kisses! He was especially thrilled to see his favorite, Mickey Mouse!

Breakfast at the Enchanted Garden restaurant was excellent. Many selections of food. Starting from the usual pancakes, waffles, eggs, hash browns, bacon to dim sum, noodles and even Indian food. Go figure. I, of course, had to choose from the kids' selections. They've got cute Mickey-shaped pancakes and waffles that tasted scrumptious!

After breakfast, we decided to go to Hong Kong central for the day because I needed to go to the supermarket for Baby A's needs. Besides, the weather forecast mentioned that there's going to be heavy rain later in the day (LIE!). Anyway, while waiting for our rental car (yeah, my parents weren't up for taking MTR), we took a stroll along the hotel's garden. The weather that day was cloudy AND humid. I thought my hair was going to fall flat (so much for the blow dry).

The car arrived promptly at 11, so we headed straight to Hong Kong central, to the busiest area of all Hong Kong: Queen's Road (said the driver). We stopped by The Landmark building for lunch at this open space cafe sprawled in the middle of the mall. Very delicious food. Baby A had the fish and chips and he finished it all (adult's portion!). Afterwards, I went to the Three Sixty supermarket to buy some fresh milk, extra diapers, tissues, female stuffs, and of course we couldn't leave without getting the delicious pastries they had. I love this supermarket, it reminded me of Whole Foods back in the States. Then we head back to the Disneyland Resort!

We arrived back at the hotel around 5pm-ish. Decided to take a walk towards the park area. It didn't rain (weather forecast, you're a liar!). But it was still cloudy and pretty humid. The walk to the park was exactly 15 minutes by foot! We didn't go into the park as it was already late, the park closes at 8pm (so early, I know!) so we just people-watch for a bit before taking the shuttle bus back to the hotel to have dinner at their Chinese restaurant called Imperial Lotus. Super delicious meal!

Best Chilled Mango Pudding I've ever had!

Day 3, Disneyland finally! Stay tuned for more!

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