Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm in the midst of a chaotic packing trying to figure out if everything will fit into this one giant suitcase (and that, my friend, includes all of Baby A's stuff and the husband's humongous sport shoes etc.). Anyway. I'm known as the master packer! I'll fit everything and even still have some extra space in that suitcase!

I'm so excited. Baby A is already sound asleep right now. Our flight is at 10am tomorrow, we're doing Garuda Airlines instead of our usual SQ (sorry, we had to cheat on you SQ haha!).. So. I guess I'll write some more once we're there (or once we're back). I have to get back into my packing and get some beauty sleep if I'm going to wake up super early tomorrow.



  1. Have fun Kartjeee! Badeweh, akika suki deh sama rambutnyaaa... bageuus!

    1. thank you (for both the 'have fun' and the hair compliment hehe)!!! eh btw, aku sudah balik nih! bought a little something2 for your bebe nih :)