Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brightspot Market 8th Edition

Went to the 8th edition of Brightspot Market ("a curated market of all things cool") on Saturday. This time it was held at Gandaria City shopping mall. I'm really looking forward to this one because the last one was pretty disappointing when it comes to the venue.

I was happy to find that this time around, it was amazing. Lots of cool tenants (both regular and new), spacious location, excellent air conditioning.. it doesn't even feel too crowded despite the fact that so many people were trying to get in on the whole shopping hoopla.

This was Baby A's 3rd Brightspot experience!

Though I didn't bought much (I only got myself this cute polkadot sheer blouse from TRU), I did have a good time there. So many cool stuff made by local designers, and some international brands like Melissa Shoes and such. Can't wait for the next Brightspot Market!


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    1. hahaha! maap yaaah.. --" I was aiming for the scene. itu aja aku nya foto baru belakangan karena lg nungguin lift.. menyesal lupa foto2 kitah!