Saturday, July 14, 2012

chances are..

You know I love Emily Schulman's blog.. well, recently she made this giveaway 'competition', which I excitedly joined. You know I really really want this book and really really looking forward to seeing it in bookstores? I mean who wouldn't want to get a signed copy of her new released book with a box of goodies including: notecards and envelopes from Walnut Paperie, a set of pretty hair ties, newly launched Estee Lauder viper nail polish and Star Pink lip gloss, Diptyque Baies candle, and chocolate-covered gummy bears?? I DO!

But of course, only almost 27k people had to join the competition. With my luck, I'm pretty sure I won't win --"

Surely I was right. She just announced the three winners who will be the recipients of those fab giveaway price.. and it ain't me. *sighs* Oh well, off waiting at the bookstore we go. I hope it'll be available in this country sooner than later.

Dear Emily,

Can you please make another book giveaway for me? Pretty please? And make sure I won this time?


Hah. Fat chance. Hahahaha!

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