Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Day

It's family day all on Saturday. Started the day with lunch with my parents at the Shangri-la hotel's buffet coffeeshop Satoo. Then played with baby A at the hotel's pool and garden area where he had such a blast running around freely.

Later on we had dinner with the husband's family at The Duck King cilandak townsquare. The dinner was on behalf of celebrating the baby brother's acceptance at the university of his choice. Baby A has his first taste of staying up way past his bed time haha.



  1. Ah I see Baby A's diving into his artistic side super early! :D :D

    (asal krayonnya ga dimasukkin ke idung aja kyk anaknya temen gue ya oloh.. jadi dia matahin crayola jadi 3 bagian trus dimasukkin 1-1 ke idungnya O_o )

    1. hahaha kok bisaaa --" kalo baby A juga suka patah2in krayon trus bungkus nya disobek2in gak ngerti buat apa