Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life is a Playground

Especially with a toddler around. I get to experienced things all over again from the eyes of baby A. Everything seems a lot more fun through the eyes of a child. I guess sometimes that's what grown ups seem to forget. We get on with our lives forgetting what matters. It's the simplest and littlest things in life that we must cherished.

Last weekend was super fun. Before baby A, even though we have a pool at home, we rarely swam in it. Now with baby A, especially with his fondness of playing in water, we tried to make a routine weekly swimming habit. It's a great outdoor activity. I don't want my son to be cooped up indoor knowing nothing but video games (which happened a lot with kids these days). Also, the husband is obsessing over baby A's Thomas the Tank Engine toys.. I think he's ready to build the Sodor Island in our house --"

Life is a playground. Especially with a tot like baby A brightening up my days.

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